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Why Us ?

By working in a positive and collaborative way with both our suppliers and specialists, GCS has developed an integrated development methodology that is focused on delivering a good quality cost effective service.  Our ultimate goal is to make improvements for the better. 

Planning and Engineering

Our collective experience in planning and developing other successful new urbanism communities, and by incorporating your needs, we will ensure a multiple of active squares, diverse types of housing, vibrant public spaces, useful retail and a modern development.   It will be a village, in which people of all ages can congregate, shop, live, watch a performance, work, enjoy a meal, and relax and will offer a place to build a greater sense of community with a vibrant core.

Building Communities

To bring communities together and make lasting changes. We always aim to leave a lasting legacy, we do this not only through making internal and external improvements to your buildings, but through our added value principles and customer focus.  Our service is not just about physical construction, we believe passionately in building communities.  Wherever possible we seek to employ local companies and develop skills in local people so that we leave a legacy within the community, which continues to bring benefits long after our projects are completed.

Modern Methods of Construction

GCS understands and recognizes the benefits of modern methods of construction and its importance in achieving sustainable homes for our social housing clients. On recent projects we have used pre-cast walls, SIPS panels, concrete wall, insulated concrete foams and steel frame systems. We also have a depth of experience with traditional construction methods where this is a more appropriate solution.

Supply Chain

By involving our supply chain members at an early stage we are able to tailor our services in order to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements.  The use of local companies to deliver long-term projects is a key factor in ensuring many benefits to the local economy and the well being of local people far beyond our contract period. We are fully committed to developing sustainable communities and adopt pro-active policies to achieve these benefits.